Presentation of "Index of integration policies of migrants in Croatia – MIPEX 2020" research results

Presentation of the research results on Migrant Integration Policy Index (MIPEX 2020) Croatia will be held on November 10, 2020 via the online platform Zoom.
The results will be presented by dr Snježana Gregurović, MIPEX research coordinator for Croatia, with the help of dr Margareta Gregurović and dr Simona Kuti who also participated in the research.
MIPEX is a longitudinal research that monitors the development of migrant integration policies in different countries of the world and its results are used to assess, compare and improve these policies.The main research findings pertain to the development of integration policies in eight areas: labour market mobility, education, family reunification, political participation, permanent residence, access to nationality, anti-discrimination and health.With a score of 39/100, the Republic of Croatia is among the countries with a slightly unfavorable integration policies, together with some other countries in Central and Eastern Europe.
MIPEX is an interactive tool used by various stakeholders involved in the processes and policies of migrant integration such as policy makers, NGOs, researchers and others. It has been cited in more than 4.600 documents.
You can find more about the MIPEX 2020 research at about the results for Croatia at
If you are interested in participating in the online presentation of the results, you can contact us at margareta.gregurovic@imin.hror snjezana.gregurovic@imin.hrin order to send you a link for the Zoom meeting.